Clearing the Need of Reactive Realities with your Family

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Clearing the Need of Reactive Realities with your Family

A 30-minute audio clearing loop, a PDF of the clearings, & a quick audio teaching - you're on your way to big change. 

"How many presumptive and need of reactive realities do you use to turn yourself into someone else  with your family?" - Christel Crawford

It can take hours to do the research on the clearings to use to create change, but Christel did all the 'hard' work so you don't have to! 

?? This 30 minute audio clearing loop is hand-curated and voice-recorded by Christel! 

? Audio clearing loops are designed to be playing in the background of your life. They can be running during your day or while you're sleeping. Barely audible, they require no thinking. They simply work by clearing out the unconsciousness around things you can't seem to change, opening up more space for something new to rush in!

?? All you have to do is take a few minutes to

  1. Download it to your computer.
  2. Sync your phone.
  3. Put it in a playlist.
  4. Press play & repeat.

What's included with your purchase: 

  • 1 30-min audio recorded clearing loop
  • 1 video, explaining the clearing statement & how it works
  • 1 PDF of all the clearings on the loop
  • 1 audio recording: how to use the loop & what it's designed for
  • 1 training video on how to download the loop & get it started looping - both on your computer and on your phone

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