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Distractor Implant

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A 24 call study series of “The Distractor Implants”  Explore and study these very potent tools, see how they apply to your life, and play with choosing to discover what’s beyond Distractor Implants!

"When you find yourself in a situation that you don't seem to be able to change, you may be stuck in a distractor implant." ~ Living Beyond Distraction ~

- Is now the time to stop being distracted from creating the future you truly desire? 

-  Is now the time to be totally present and start living?

- Is now the time to change the way you function and to discover an ease of being you've never imagined possible?


What's included with your purchase: 

    • 24 Audio & Video Downloads available immediately in your Kajabi Library!
    • 24 Amazing homeplay PDF’s (one for each call) so you can deepen your learning and change!
    • Questions, tools, discussion & clearings to open up a space for you to begin to choose & create your life beyond what it currently is.