Receiving the Gift of Your Failures

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When you're disappointed in you

"What if I was willing to engage with the quantum entanglements of the elementals and receive the possibilities that can truly show up beyond this reality?"  ~ BDD Manual

When you engage, things grow. 

Welcome to showing up & doing the ‘real work’ as a creator. Sitting still, getting present and allowing yourself to experience, cultivate and choose energy, space and consciousness and all the innate advantages.

Join Christel for this beautiful energy exercise to

  • Release limiting definitions
  • Activate & pull in more clients 
  • Become money so that it can show up
  • Practice daily presence & engagements so your business can grow
  • Engage with the elementals to invite the support of the entire universe 
  • Create from the space of true relaxation 
  • Stimulate new energies & creativity 

Everything is ready for you to get started right away.


  • 1 audio recording
  • 1 beautiful hi-def video to play daily 
  • More presence
  • More change

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