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Unleashing Your Business Potential through Creative Questions

A fast 15-18 minute money class for when you're light on time & money, but are ready for change. Here it is!

  • 1 15-18 minute money class with Christel
  • recorded live, as part of the 21 Day Clearing & Asking Experiment w/ Money
  • 1 PDF of key clearings & key notes


1-learn how to keep your energy in everything & questions you can ask when you've pulled out and sales/clients are going down

2-learn to stimulate your creativity when what you've asked for is showing up in a totally different way
3-empower yourself with the cycle of action and practice creativity with what is showing up to generate something new

What's included with your purchase: 

  • One 15-18 minute audio recording
  • One golden nuggets & clearing PDF
  • One instructional video on how to best use this class
  • One video explanation of the clearing statement & how to use it

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